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Behala Chowrasta, Diamond Harbour Road, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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+91 8961576535
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Our chairman mr. bikey and sameer. where a young middle class guy. they meet each other in social site in accidently. they struggle in many fields as marketing guy. they practically experience and expertise. they have one dream that every one should happy by visiting our home.


Mr. Bikey Sardar

Contact us +91 7044625462 Real Estate Founder of Hutpart

Real estate comes in our life in basic needs. everybody’s life is incompelete without it.i was strugle to find my own dream house. Because i was staying in rented home at kolkata. therewhere nobody provided me the proper information about it. i seenverybody including me, Because of lack of information good deal have not chosen, proper property or our dream. There where lots of chances to buy property but because of lack of knowdledge i where missed good deals. I was chosen or gettedwrong deal. But after joing in this industry i learn the one things, there should a platform where people like me can get knowledge and also more property option to select dream property or investment. Our mission is to provide more knowledge or educate in real estate platform where our client can become real estate master and our family member. Together we can achive more. have a wonderful life.


Mr. Bikey and Sameer

Realestate consultant No +91 8961576535 Real Estate Founder of Hutpart

We meet in accident at kolkata from a social media adveritgement. Bikey and sameer founder of was a social media friend. One day we are just taliking about real estate at australia. Suddenly one thing came our mind.why not we start our platfrom where every body gets a possible or equal chance to get real estate deal or knowledge. How will be our platfrom. is it possible? really? we to friend from different mother one heart start thinking. We started by one thing in our heart lets learn from our lovely unkown friend. and share our expertise with everyone. if there is hope there is way god will be with us. we started our . We belive oneday we all will be mastermind in this field.


Mr. S. M. Saddam (samir Mirza)

For Buy +91 8017025376 Real Estate Founder of Hutpart

Real estate comes out of three basic needs. Food cloth and than shilter. I born delhi. As a middle class boy, i seen real estate is one of cost liest thing in our society. Every human want shilter who have and who don’t have. There is no proper information about this industry. I seen struggle of my father when he want to shittle in kolkata for is business purpose. This platform is made for everyone in the world who had need or future needs comes. We belive creating value to society is one of the biggest responsibility as a human. So lets grow together. Together we can achieve more.